Music Player /
Video Maker

Available for Android and Windows






Music Player

Lightweight player to listen to streams, MP3 and other media formats.
Also capable of video format playback.


Highly customizable audio visualizer.
Compose visualizer from various elements and effects using WYSIWYG editor.

Video Maker

Convert MP3 to full HD videos.
You are just one click away to start producing videos.

Listen / Visualize / Edit / Export

Unleash Your Creativity




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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you need asistance? We’ve got you covered!

Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have about the Avee Music Player app Android version.

Why is my export project crashing or unable to export file?

  • Be sure to use the latest Avee Music Player App version from Google Play Store

  • Close other unnecessary background apps that consume phone memory and / or restart your device.

  • Some devices are not compatible with all video codecs,use ‘omx.google.h264.encodercodec, which is software based and is compatible with almost all phones.

  • High-resolution exports are difficult for your device to manage. Change some export settings or select different resolution preset, such as ‘720@30 7.5Mbps256.0Kbps L’, which is optimized for older Android devices.

  • Check to see whether there is enough free space on your device to export your files, so that the file size does not exceed 4GB.

  • Be sure that supported audio file formats such as .mp3 or .wav are used.

  • Select a simplified naming, with one or two words as an option, and no unnecessary symbols. Your files can always be renamed afterwards.

  • There always could be a case that your file contains errors. If so, you should retranscode your audio file.

Why does it take so long for my file to export?

  • Rendering is one of the most hardware demanding processes for any device. Video rendering is a real-time process, therefore it cannot be faster than the actual duration of the source file. The latest generation of devices has no issues achieving real-time export speed. However, depending on the length, complexity of the composition and export options, the process might take from minutes to hours to complete.

How to hide app logo?

  • Click ‘Hide App Logo‘ box in the Video Export window. This option can be unlocked by watching a rewarded ad. Be sure to have an internet connection. Avee Music Player Premium version can be purchased and app logo can be deactivated under the settings by clicking ‘Always Hide App Logo’.

How to change the exported file size?

  • Use a lower resolution Preset such as ‘720@30 7.5Mbps256.0Kbps L’, or use Avee Music Player Premium version where there is more control over the export options. In such a way the file size can be increased or decreased as the file size mostly depends on audio duration and export settings such as video bitrate, framerate etc.

What is the limit of video file size?

  • Android system has limitations up to 4GB. Size can be decreased in export settings.

Why is it impossible to playback video after exporting?

  • This issue might be caused by defective source file. Try renaming or transcoding the file.

  • Be sure that you are exporting supported audio files such as .mp3 or .wav file formats.

  • Be sure your exported file is smaller than 4GB which is Android system limitation.

  • This could be related to an export crash case and only a partly finished export file is seen. Check export issues.

Why does the file have 00:00 duration and is unable to playback?

  • You are using an unsupported audio file. Be sure to use .mp3 or .wav file format.

Why is the file playing, but it has 00:00 duration?

  • The Avee Music Player App can also playback video files (.mp4). However, the duration is set to 00:00 and these files can only be used for playback and not export.

Where can I find my exported files?

  • The default export location is the Downloads folder, but you may change it in the device settings.

Why can`t I insert an image file?

  • Avoid using too large files (.gif,.jpg,.png), or just check the project layers, since there may be scenarios where you place one image behind another one. It is advisable to use image files under 10 Mb size. The file size can be reduced by using different image conversion software.

Why can`t I import my project .viz file?

  • The Avee Music Player app supports all .viz template files created with 1.2.83 and later versions. Occasionally it is impossible to open .viz template files straight from the app. It is suggested to find them in phone folder, then click on .viz file and choose to open it with Avee Music Player app.

I bought Avee Music Player Premium version, but not all features are available.

  • Mind that you are signed-in with the same Google account you made a purchase with. After a Premium version purchase in Google Play Store all the options are available. If necessary, clear Google Play Store memory or reinstall the Avee Music Player App.

What is difference between Avee Music Player Free and Premium versions?

  • Creating, processing, and exporting files are offered to all Avee Music Player app users, both Free and Premium. Being a Premium user means having an advanced control to be more artistic in editing and producing a professional content creation.

Why I cannot purchase Avee Music Player Premium version?

  • In some countries we do not provide the Premium / Pro version due to tax issues. We have been working on it, and we hope for a change soon.

I am Avee Music Player Premium user, but ads still showing up?

  • You can always disable it in Settings menu by toggling the ‘Disable Ads’ box and leave it ticked.

I am Avee Music Player Premium user, but video files still have app logo watermark?

  • Go to Settings and toggle the ‘Always Hide App Logo’ box and leave it ticked.

If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for,  just contact us.


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